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People are already complaining about Uber and Lyft in Vancouver

Remember when Lyft and Uber both announced yesterday that they would be launching soon in Vancouver? Well, it turns out that 'soon' meant this morning, because both Lyft and Uber are already live.

Good news, right? Well, not quite. Vancouver users are already posting all over Twitter about the launches — and not all of the comments have been positive.

He wasn't the only person that was unimpressed with Uber's slow service.

In fact, a lot of Vancouverites were just really not buying into the whole ride-sharing hype.

This woman really wasn't happy with Uber's pricing on a Friday afternoon with no major traffic.

Actually, a lot of Vancouverites weren't happy with Uber's pricing in general.

Basically, this man summed up the state of Vancouver right now in sixteen words.

That being said, some Vancouverites are seriously excited about the arrival of Lyft and Uber — and they took to Twitter to defend both companies from the abuse.

Some even took the opportunity to roast Vancouver cabs instead.

And to poke fun at people complaining about how congested Vancouver would become with Uber and Lyft (spoiler: the city is already jam-packed with cars).

Overall, Vancouver's reaction to the arrival of the ride-sharing apps has been fairly mixed.

Hopefully Uber and Lyft fares become cheaper as the hype dies down and more drivers become available.

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Austin Distel

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