Someone in Canada built a snowman the size of a house

Alberta might be a chilly -42°C this week, but that hasn't stopped one couple from spending time outdoors.

Janet and Rob Sarvas recently constructed a towering snowman on their acreage near the village of Warburg in central Alberta. At 23-feet-tall, Frosty is almost the size of a two-story house — or the height of a large giraffe.

The snowman took just four days to complete. The body is held together by a "sort of girdle" covered in snow, and the silk top hat is made from a combination of tarp and chicken wire.

Janet Sarvas told Freshdaily that the snowman started as a way to plough the snow on their acreage in a more "interesting" way. However, Sarvas added that Frosty was mostly built as a Christmas gift for their two-year-old granddaughter. Her granddaughter's reaction?

"She was pretty impressed," Sarvas said. "She loves it."

When asked about comparisons to Olaf from Frozen, Sarvas admitted that her granddaughter has never seen the musical — but she's a big fan of the soundtrack.

"She loves the song Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, so that's kind of what we played when we were showing her [Frosty]."


The Sarvas family poses in front of their giant snowman. Photo by Janet Sarvas.

And it isn't just Sarvas' granddaughter that's excited about Frosty; the gigantic snow sculpture has caught the eye of a few locals, as well. Several Albertans have already stopped by to snap a picture with the enormous snowman, and Sarvas is more than happy to let them. Why?

"I think we [all] need some good, cheery news," says Sarvas. "Our Frosty is the right guy at the right time."

Lead photo by

Janet Sarvas

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