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This is how people reacted to Cineplex closing all 165 movie theatres in Canada

Despite what some may call a delayed reaction to the growing COVID-19 outbreak, Cineplex has finally decided to shutter all 165 of its movie theatres across Canada. 

The company made the announcement last night, indicating that the closure would affect all theatres in addition to all locations of The Rec Room and Playdium, effective immediately until April 2. 

"Our team has been closely monitoring COVID-19 and concerns about the virus continue to escalate," reads the letter from President and CEO Ellis Jacob. 

"The health and safety of our employees and guests is paramount and while measures like enhanced cleaning protocols and social-distancing policies were put in place, the time has come for us to do more."

Cineplex also announced that all bookings will be cancelled for a full refund, including private theatre bookings, individual and group reservations at The Rec Room and Playdium, as well as customers with advanced tickets to see a movie in theatres.

Canadians across the country have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the news with fellow self-isolating residents, and they range from relief to anger. 

Some Twitter users are saying that Cineplex almost never closes, so the fact that they are speaks to the seriousness of the situation. 

While others think it's about time. 

Several Canadians are also talking about what this may mean for the company's buyout by U.K. company Cineworld

And some employees of the company are taking the opportunity to put the company on blast for not paying them during this time. 

"That's shameful," one Twitter user wrote in reaction to the news that employees aren't being paid while theatres are closed. 

"@Cineplex has a virtual monopoly. While I'm grateful for the terrific service, I expect its hard working employees to be paid. I could wait for films to show up on streaming services, but I want to support cinemas. Likewise, #Cineplex should support their workers."

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