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Police just escorted a moose through the streets of Newfoundland

Ah, Newfoundland. Not only did the police force recently volunteer to deliver free Domino's pizza, but on Wednesday evening, they were tasked with another unusual activity — chasing a moose through the streets of St. John's.

Police followed the moose in a truck with lights flashing, guiding it down Cashin Avenue and into a wooded area.

Aside from dog-sledding through a Tim Horton's drive-thru, the video is pretty much the most Canadian thing ever — and the reactions have been hilarious.

One man was very confused about the state of his city.

And some local news reporters wanted to give drivers an update on the traffic.

One man was concerned for the moose's welfare.

And another person wanted to report her own moose-related news.

With Newfoundland moose landing on rooftops in Canada, who needs Santa's reindeer? 

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Gen Escobar | Facebook

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