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People are upset that Air Canada is still not giving refunds for the coronavirus

Air Canada customers travelling to China may be able to cancel their flight for a full refund, but the airline still isn't refunding tickets for other coronavirus hotspots.

And with Japan, South Korea and Italy reporting an alarming number of cases, many people aren't happy about it.

The airline's goodwill policy does allow passengers flying to those destinations to change their flights free of charge — but there's a catch.

In order to change their flights for free, passengers have to travel by June 15 — or, in Italy's case, even earlier.

Considering the uncertain nature of the outbreak, many people have pointed out that this isn't exactly helpful; you're hardly going to know if it's safe to travel to Italy by May.

Plus, many major events are now being cancelled due to coronavirus, which means that many Air Canada passengers no longer need to rebook at all — they simply need to cancel.

And Air Canada isn't even offering passengers the option of a flight credit, which left this customer disappointed.

With the number of global coronavirus cases surpassing 100,000 today, the pressure on Air Canada to offer refunds is growing.

Particularly because Air Canada is too busy to even pick up the phone right now — leaving customers extremely frustrated.

There are currently 51 cases of coronavirus in Canada.

Ontario has 26 cases of coronavirus, B.C. has 21 cases, Quebec has three cases and Alberta has one.

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