trudeau hair cut

Justin Trudeau just surprised Canada with his new haircut

Barber shops and hair salons were among the first places to shut when the lockdown went into effect across Canada earlier this year. 

Most Canadians were forced to forego haircuts for almost three months, resulting in some pretty questionable lock down looks.

Now that grooming services are slowly starting to re-open, people are starting to finally look normal again – including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

In his address to the nation on Tuesday, June 16, Trudeau showed off his first post-quarantine haircut, prompting a lot of excitement on social media. 

Trudeau's rapidly growing hair has been causing a stir on social media throughout the pandemic. 

In his latest daily address, Trudeau made important announcements about extending border closures between the U.S. and Canada and continuing CERB payments for a further eight weeks.

Rather than focusing on the big news, some folks just couldn't help but be distracted by his fresh make over.

And while the majority of people are loving the new style, others seem to have grown fond of Trudeau's shaggy lock down look. 

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