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Americans were caught breaking quarantine rules in Canada again

Now that the fact that U.S. residents have been coming into the country despite the current border closure is out in the open, more Canadians are calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to get stricter about incoming flights.

Just this week, an American man was caught out in public in Nova Scotia, completely flouting federal and provincial rules for travelers to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to ensure they are not carrying COVID-19.

The 23-year-old, who hails from California, has been charged $1,000 under the province's Health Protection Act after being caught on Wednesday.

Many, however, think that the fine is clearly not enough to keep Americans from somehow taking flights into the country and breaking the rules.

Earlier this month, an elderly Florida couple was charged with the same thing in Ontario, while a handful of people from south of the border have been caught and likewise penalized in Banff — some for using a loophole in which passengers claim they are connecting in Canada on their way to Alaska.

According to recent polls (plus a flurry of social media posts on the subject), the vast majority of Canadians want the Canada-U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel for much longer given how dire the COVID-19 situation is in the States right now.

The border restrictions have been extended numerous times, and are currently slated to stay in place until at least August 21.

But it seems that though the rule has been stringent for land crossings, things have been inexplicably lenient for those travelling by air — and Canadians aren't happy about it.

While people continue to sneak into the country from the U.S. relatively hassle-free and defy self-isolation directives once they get here, carriers such as Air Canada are encouraging the government to ease the closure so that they don't continue to lose so much money.

The airline industry internationally has been struggling amid what has been referred to as "the darkest period ever in the history of commercial aviation."

Meanwhile, Trump's press secretary has been asking Americans why they would even want to go to Canada in the first place.

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