400 West Georgia Street

This new building in Canada looks like a forest of glass boxes in the sky

A plan for a new office tower in Canada proposes a modern-day building that looks exactly like a collection of glass boxes stacked on top of each other. 

The 24-storey building will be located at the southwest corner of the intersection of West Georgia Street and Richards Street in downtown Vancouver, which is situated in a "transitioning, evolving and re-emerging district," according to the firm behind the new building Merrick Architecture

400 West Georgia Street

A rendering of the front of the building

Renderings of the new building show an office tower made of see-through boxes partially covered in greenery, and according to Merrick Architecture, each box contains four floors with a width that is roughly equivalent to its height. 

"The building is conceived as playful aggregation of 'reflective' yet transparent 'stacked boxes,'" their website states. 

"The stacked boxes create natural compartments within a continuous floorplate, allowing offices to be variously partitioned while also staying close to the facade."

400 West Georgia Street

A rendering of the lobby of the new property

Because the stacked boxes face multiple orientations, they provide unparalleled views of the city. 

400 West Georgia Street

A rendering of one of the offices in the new building

Greenery is a common theme throughout the design of the building both inside and out, while the rooftop garden ties the whole thing together. 

400 West Georgia Street

A rendering of the rooftop garden

The area surrounding the proposed location for this one-of-a-kind tower has seen much development lately, and this building at 400 West Georgia Street would only add to the stretch's collection of new-and-improved infrastructure. 

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Merrick Architecture

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