227 Church Ranches Way Calgary

This home in Canada comes with a private beach and stocked lake for fishing

If you thought manors only existed in England you'd be wrong. This home in Calgary, aptly named Greystone Manor, is as proper as any English one. 

The home sits on 3.5 acres of gorgeous land and backs onto a 5-acre lake with a private beach. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryWhile the surrounding property is certainly something to be in awe about, the home itself is no slouch. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryWith over 10,000 square-feet of luxury living space, this home is nothing short of a masterpiece.

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryThe home was built in 2017 but has that classic design that is more reminiscent of European style – with the big chandeliers and the dart mouldings. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryThe designer used a lot of natural materials like the natural stone on the exterior of the house and the carved maple panelling in the interior. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryThere are six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in this house.

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryEach bedroom is what you'd expect from a mansion – grand, spacious and luxurious. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryAnd true to mansion form, the home also boasts a cinema, a recording studio, a gym, a billiards room, just to name a few of the house perks. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryProbably the most stunning space in the house is the living room, with the wood burning Rumford fireplace that makes for quite the statement piece.

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryCombine that with the soaring ceilings and large windows to make the space a true sight to behold. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryAnd if the living room didn't convince you the home was built for entertaining maybe the gourmet kitchen or the huge dining room will. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryBut if you're not a fan of people the property is very private with lots of surrounding land to keep you shielded from prying eyes. 227 Church Ranches Way Calgary

Good For

Hobbyists. Whether you're a fan of fishing or a cinema buff, this home can cater to whatever your latest passion project is. 

227 Church Ranches Way CalgaryMove On If

You have more modest tastes. The decor could be considered a bit garish for some.  227 Church Ranches Way Calgary

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