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This apartment in Canada has a glass bottom pool suspended 20 floors high in the sky

There's an apartment complex in Canada that conceals an architectural triumph that will blow your mind: a glass-bottomed swimming pool, suspended 200 feet in the air.

The ARC building in Vancouver's Yaletown neighbourhood lets swimmers gaze down over the streets below as they front-crawl across the pool.

The unique pool is located about 20 storeys up, inside the complex's aptly-named Sky Spa.

If you're scared of heights, this Vancouver pool probably isn't for you — but it's any adrenaline junkie's dream.

Brave swimmers will be given a stunning, birds-eye view of the public plaza below, dotted with green trees.

The acrylic glass pool is 38 feet by nearly 9 feet, with a maximum depth of just over 5 feet.

Concord Pacific, the brains behind the operation, called the architectural feat a "massive challenge" in an August 2019 press release.

The company noted that the mottled red-and-white Maple Leaf ceiling above the pool is an ode to Canada.

Sadly, the once-in-a-lifetime pool is only available for residents of the ARC Vancouver, as well as select family and friends.

However, Canadians travelling from out of town can book an Airbnb at the luxury apartment complex in order to use the pool.

The glass in the swimming pool might appear deceptively thin, but it can actually hold the weight of approximately 1,650 cars, according to various reports.

So even if you accidentally drive a few Toyotas into the pool, you're still in good shape.

Lead photo by

The ARC Vancouver (Concord Pacific)

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