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This university in Canada offers courses on Beyonce and Batman

A Canadian university has run some truly unique programs over the years, giving students the option to study Beyoncé, the Beatles, Canadian hockey and even Batman.

Yes, that's right: memorizing the lyrics to "Single Ladies" and watching Homecoming on Netflix might actually be considered homework for some students.

The engaging classes are part of the University of Victoria's (UVic) aim to "nurture an environment of discovery, innovation and creativity," per the university website.

But UVic students shouldn't be expecting an easy ride from the fun courses; the Batman module, for example, is more than just an in-depth look at Ben Affleck's greatest hits.

In fact, the 100-level course delves into the extremes that the human body can be pushed to.

"Batman becomes the metaphor for the effects of the ultimate training regimen for human potential," course instructor Dr. E. Paul Zehr told Freshdaily.

"Concepts in kinesiology, neuroscience, psychology, and biomechanics and beyond are used to explain what is and isn't possible in the Batman mythology."

Zehr added that while it's impossible to actually become Batman, parts of the mythology are actually true.

"This means all of us can do more than we thought we could do," he said. "We just need to find our bit of Batman and put it to good use."

UVic has also offered courses on vampires, video games, and even Lord of the Rings in the past.

Sadly, most of the courses mentioned above are no longer running, but UVic is already offering a course on the COVID-19 pandemic if that's more your speed.

Of course, UVic isn't the only Canadian university that offers fun courses; students can take a wine-tasting (er, sorry, wine science) course at the University of British Columbia, or a Harry Potter course at the University of Waterloo.

Canadian students certainly are spoiled for choices when it comes to cool learning opportunities.

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This university in Canada offers courses on Beyonce and Batman

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