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Canada is getting its first bunny cafe

Canadian animal lovers will now have a brand new way to enjoy the pet cafe trend: instead of cats, you will soon be able to grab a beverage among bunnies.

With the rampant success of cat cafes over the past few years, indie coffee shop and bar owners have been trying out all different types of ways to integrate furry friends into their business models: from serving catnip-infused beer to letting you sip a drink next to lizards and snakes or pet a hedgehog while you caffeinate.

Vancouver cat cafe Catfe is banking on the undeniable cuteness of rabbits with their new project called Bunny Cafe Vancouver, which will have a lounge full of adoptable bunnies from B.C. rescue Rabbitats.

The cafe on East Vancouver's Commercial Drive will have up to 20 rabbits hopping around a designated lounge that will feature ample seating, toys and space for play, as well as more private enclosures for bunnies who are feeling a little shy.

It will be the first of its kind in Canada.

For health and safety reasons, the creatures have to be kept separate from the area where food and drinks are actually prepared, but like at Catfe, guests will presumably be able to bring their coffees into the lounge room and sip them as they pet and feed the bunnies.

If the establishment is anything like the successful Catfe, it will work by appointment, with visitors able to either book one-hour slots to hang with the bunnies or try their luck as a walk-in.

Though a menu has yet to be released, it seems that adorable bunny-themed latte art will definitely be a thing. 

The cafe is currently seeking volunteers and is slated to open its doors by this coming Easter. Given the success of its preliminary pop-up event last year, it's going to be a hit with Vancouverites.

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