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Nightclub in Canada agrees to close after video shows packed dance floor

Divas Nightclub in Saskatoon is taking matters into its own hands after a video of a packed dance floor surfaced on social media. 

On Saturday, the establishment announced in a lengthy message on Facebook that they will be temporarily closing due to a video that shows their dance floor completely packed with no room for social distancing. 

"As most of you may have seen online these past couple weeks, a video of what appears as dancing and no social distancing in front of the bar service area was taken at Divas and has been circulating social media and causing much concern, for all of us," the post reads. 

"Divas only concern has and will always be the safety and needs of our customers. We were one of the first businesses to close, and the last to open, additionally closing for a two week period following reopening when we learned by social media someone who may have been in our club may have tested positive."

However, Divas added that the potential COVID-19 exposure was never confirmed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA). 

"The instance was never confirmed by SHA, but we took that precaution for the safety of our patron."

Besides this, the nightclub went on to say that the SHA had approved their current safety measures, but that these measure are not working and are simply not enough. As a result, they are working with health authorities to implement a new system. 

"SHA has inspected Divas establishment multiple times since reopening and approved our processes and safety measures that are currently in place. We agree the SHA's measures currently in place are not working and that it’s not enough, we can and will work with them to do better. We feel we have a responsibility beyond what is required of us, and we are determined to show that," they said in the post. 

"We have started working with SHA this week to implement a revolutionary new system with the intent this can be used in other nightclubs and late night bars who are all struggling with keeping people abiding by set out safety guidelines when in the venue of their choice."

The video was recorded on Oct. 9 and spread quickly on social media.

According to Saskatchewan's public health guidelines, while DJs are permitted, all dance floors and spaces that don't allow for physical distancing are prohibited. 

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