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Restaurant in Canada fined almost $1K for illegal patio tent

Ottawa restaurant Vittoria Trattoria is facing a fine of $880 after bylaw officers deemed that the outdoor tent didn't allow for enough ventilation.

The Italian restaurant on Rivergate Way offers only outdoor dining in accordance with orders issued by Ontario earlier this month.

However, bylaw officers say that the tent is too enclosed to comply with current restrictions, which resulted in the hefty $880 fine issued on Sunday evening.

Bylaw officers called Vittoria Trattoria last week to warn them about the tent, but the restaurant says that the call didn't seem official, so they assumed it was a prank call.

The restaurant co-owner says that he now plans to challenge the fine.

Vittoria Trattoria reopened for patio dining on June 12; the restaurant is only seating groups of up to six people, and all reservations have a two-hour dining slot.

Restaurants in Ontario are allowed to keep their patios open until Dec. 31, but many are saying that it seems impossible when Canada has the climate of a Frigidaire freezer in the winter.

Other restaurants in Canada have pointed out that it's difficult to winterize patios when the demand for patio heaters is outstripping the supply.

Vittoria Trattoria isn't the only patio in Ottawa that's come under fire for their outdoor tent; bylaw officers also issued a warning to Italian restaurant Fratelli Kanata.

Owner Richard Valente took to Instagram on Friday night to warn his fellow Ottawa restauranteurs to follow all protocols to the T — or risk a hefty fine.

"It's unreal," Valente says in the video. "I honestly thought it was like a nightmare."

"I'm warning all you guys, even though you think you're following the rules — all my fellow restaurant guys — you might not be," he adds. "Be careful. I was ready to take a $750 fine tonight."

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