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Canada's most famous taco restaurant permanently closes

Grumman 78 is officially closing; after 10 years of operation, the Montreal restaurant and taco truck has become the latest victim of the ongoing pandemic.

On Friday, the beloved taco truck announced that it would be hanging up its tires for good.

"2020, with all its challenges, enabled us to evolve and transform, but it has also crippled our beloved business," the company wrote in a Facebook post.

"We are going to take a well-deserved break and see where the wind takes us."

Founders Hilary McGown, Marc-André Leclerc and Gaëlle Cerf reminisced on the weddings, birthday parties, family dinners and more that they catered over the years.

"We were there for your lazy Sunday dinners, your date nights and your Christmas parties," the company wrote. "We loved every second. What a privilege to be a part of your lives all these years."

Grumman 78 is more than just a beloved taco truck, however; the company actually helped to change Montreal's laws around food trucks.

The company forged a path for street food to return to the city after decades of it being banned on sanitary grounds, ushering in a new culinary age.

Grumman 78 will cease operations effective immediately, although the company is hosting a garage sale this weekend for "a few items that need new homes."

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