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This restaurant in Canada might have the first perogy drive-thru in the world

Baba's Homestyle Perogies is more than just a great place for dumplings; it's Saskatchewan's only drive-thru perogy restaurant, and it may be the first one on the planet.

The Saskatoon restaurant has been crafting delicious European dumplings for 40 years.

Hungry diners can find perogies stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon, cottage cheese and even Saskatoon berries on the menu.

More adventurous diners can opt for perogy poutine — all from the comfort of your car.

Baba's sells about 10,000 perogies daily, but their most popular menu item is the Super Combo (five perogies, two cabbage rolls and one smokie, all with bacon, onions and sour cream).

The eatery is beloved by locals and tourists alike; it even recently featured on You Gotta Eat Here!.

Chef and owner Rob Engel grew up cooking with his Ukrainian grandmother (also known as a "baba"), which is where many of Baba's recipes come from.

He cites his "signature mushroom dill sauce" as a fan-favourite among regular diners.

Although Baba's is famous for serving food through a window, it also boasts a dine-in restaurant (or you can order the dumplings on Uber Eats, if you're feeling lazy).

Perogies might originate in Eastern Europe, but Baba's certainly seems to be doing them justice right here in Canada.

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Baba's Homestyle Perogies

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This restaurant in Canada might have the first perogy drive-thru in the world

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