nova scotia lobster dispute

Restaurants are boycotting Nova Scotia lobster in support of Indigenous fishers

Restaurants in Nova Scotia are now axing lobster from their menus in support of Mi'kmaq fishers, who have been the victims of violence in an ongoing dispute with non-Indigenous fishermen.

Dartmouth-based Dear Friend and Garden Food Bar in Halifax are among the restaurants that have removed lobster from their menus for the time being.

Dear Friend is pledging to donate a portion of the item replacing their lobster roll to "Indigenous front liners who are protecting their land and water against colonial violence."

Garden Food Bar plans to keep the crustacean off the menu until the restaurant can buy the product from Indigenous fishers.

But it's not just Canadian restaurants showing their support for Indigenous fishers; multiple celebrities and influential figures have spoken out on the topic of Mi'kmaq treaty rights.

Dan Levy, Mark Ruffalo and Margaret Atwood are among the voices championing Mi'kmaq fishers.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has also expressed support for Indigenous fishers, calling for an emergency debate in Parliament to discuss Mi'kmaq rights.

"Help us keep the pressure on Justin Trudeau," Singh wrote in a post on Monday. "Stand with the Mi'kmaq and tell Justin Trudeau to act now."

The Nova Scotia dispute between Mi'kmaq fishers and commercial fishermen has been brewing since mid-September; RCMP arrested and charged two men over the weekend in relation to an assault and a vehicle fire.

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