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Someone just found a scorpion in a package of berries at Sobeys

Whoever said you should check your produce before purchasing it definitely had the right idea, because you truly never know what could be hiding in your fruit and veggies. 

Jaelyn Ford and her roommate were shopping at a Saskatoon Sobeys when they noticed the tail of a scorpion poking out of a package of blackberries on Monday morning.

Ford posted a short video of the package on Facebook yesterday, accompanied by a caption saying "Check your produce......went to Sobeys in Saskatoon and found a scorpion in the blackberries."

According to CTV News, Ford grew up on a family farm, so she said she wasn’t too bothered by the scorpion. 

She said her roommate initially thought the insect was a leaf, but Ford realized exactly what it was once she picked up the package. 

"It was surprising, but it’s not a big deal. These kinds of things happen," she told CTV. 

In a statement emailed to CTV, Sobeys confirmed that the scorpion was in fact found at one of their locations but said the incident is not consistent with the experience they usually try to provide for their customers. 

The said they (of course) removed that particular package of berries and they inspected all the other produce in store as well.

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), scorpions have occasionally been known to hide in bunches of bananas or imported berries. 

"When shopping for produce, it is important to visually inspect the product for pests," the CFIA's website states. 

Their website also says there are nearly 2,000 species of scorpion, but they all usually have four pairs of legs, a pair of strong pincers, segmented body and a long, segmented tail.

And while the type of venom and degree of toxicity varies from species to species, all known species of scorpion are venomous. 

Thankfully, the scorpion found in Ford's berries was dead and could no longer sting. 

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Jaelyn Ford

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