subway canada makeover

Subway stores in Canada are getting a bougie makeover

Fancy some Provençal herbs with your six-inch cold cut trio, madame?

Subway Canada is gearing up to fancify 2,900 of its 3,200 locations across the country with new equipment, better decor, a blackboard menu design and something it calls "flavour stations."

It's part of a larger brand transformation that started in 2016 with a post-Jared Fogle-era logo redesign.

The company started rolling out its "Fresh Forward" vision in parts of the U.S. and the U.K. a few years back, but only just recently announced that it would be putting $9.5 million into enhancing its stores across Canada with a "FreshNOW" initiative.

Like Tim Hortons, which in July launched its first "high-end boutique" concept in Toronto, Subway will be changing up its menu to suit the new vibe.

Subway Canada makeover

Revamped Subway stores in the U.K. include USB charging outlets at booths and free WiFi. Image via Subway.

Canucks can look forward to new sauces and seasonings, like basil pesto and Subway herb garlic oil, along with new stainless steel ingredient holders to keep things fresher.

"On top of that, we're really bringing up the importance of the customer and guest service," said Subway country director Terry Dennis to Retail Insider in a piece published this week.

"We started out doing the training modulars just as we're getting the FreshNOW implemented over the next couple of weeks to make sure the sandwich artists are properly explained. What's new. How they can use it. What's your best choices for the sandwiches."

No timelines for physical renovations in Canada have been released, but Dennis says the company will be rolling out its enhanced customer training program beginning in 2020.

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