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Someone ordered a Wayne Gretzky coffee at Tim Hortons and it actually exists

Is there anything more Canadian than a secret drink named after our most celebrated hockey player from the country's most iconic coffee chain?

Thanks to a viral TikTok video, residents across Canada are discovering that Tim Hortons does indeed serve a coffee in a style called "the Wayne Gretzky," and we're losing our minds over it.

With nine sugars and nine creams to honour jersey #99, the Gretzky certainly won't be the drink of choice for real coffee aficionados — who, if we're being honest, wouldn't be caught dead going to Timmy's for their morning cup in the first place.

It's essentially the famed Canuck double-double on steroids.

Tim Hortons employees in the buzzed-about video seemed to know what the customer meant when he ordered the drink, though they laughed and made sure to ask him if he was okay and if he actually liked coffee when he pulled up to the drive-thru window.

One staffer even offered the disclaimer, "you might die."

People have pointed out that the warning is fair, given that the amount of cream and sugar in a Gretzky is... a lot — nearly the amount of fat and number of calories that some people would healthily consume in whole a day.

The online Tim Hortons nutrition calculator doesn't even allow users to add more than four creams and four sugars.

But cream and sugar can surely provide a much-needed energy boost too, right? Even if they're at overdose levels? And this drink is more about the novelty factor, anyway.

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