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A candy store in Canada gives a bigger discount the colder the weather gets

The intense cold may be unenjoyable and inconvenient for a variety of reasons, but at least it makes your sweets cheaper. That's right, an Edmonton candy store is offering cold weather discounts on all bulk candy.

Sweet Convenience is a popular candy store located at 16930 107 Ave. NW in Edmonton. They posted about the winter deal on Facebook a few days ago stating that "The colder the temperature the bigger your discount."

"Whatever the temperature is, is your discount on bulk candy," their Facebook cover photo states, adding that the biggest number possible will be honoured meaning windchill will in fact be taken into consideration. 

For example, if the temperature is -28 C outside, all bulk candy will be 28 per cent off at Sweet Convenience. The sale is set to last through January. 

Sweet Convenience is particularly known for selling several American goodies that are otherwise hard to find in Canada such as special edition Oreos, certain cereals and Vanilla Coke.

The store also offers up 19 flavours of cotton candy, fresh popcorn and hundreds of other products. 

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