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Tim Hortons is no longer selling Beyond Meat products

On Tuesday, Tim Hortons announced that it will no longer be selling Beyond Meat products at any of its coffee and doughnut shops in Canada.

The news comes after Tim Hortons cut plant-based burgers and sandwiches from its menu in September across all provinces except for B.C. and Ontario.

A spokeswoman for Tim Hortons said that “the product was not embraced by our guests as we thought it would be.”

However, she didn't rule out reintroducing more plant-based products to the menu in future.

So far, the reaction to the news has been mixed — some Canadians are happy that Tim Hortons is returning to its roots.

And others are going to miss the Beyond Meat sausages.

This Twitter user defended Beyond Meat's honour.

And this Canadian just couldn't believe the news.

Canadians will simply have to get their vegan fast-food fix by ordering Subway's new Beyond Meatball sub instead.

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