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This new restaurant in Canada is hidden behind a Coca-Cola vending machine

A new restaurant in Calgary may require some serious effort to find, but that makes it all the more worth it when you open the hidden door and walk into the Japanese paradise that is Ajito

The new izakaya-style spot is basically a Japanese speakeasy, which explains why you have to open a door that looks like a soda vending machine to find it. 

"Ajito means secret base of operations, a hidden safe place in Japanese," the restaurant's website states

"Ajito is a luxurious speakeasy-style place with Japanese authentic food and drinks that is definitely worth discovering and adding to your favorite list."

The door is located at the back of popular sushi bar Sho Sushi and it's disguised as a retro Coca-Cola machine — but don't try putting any quarters in it because you're not likely to get an ice cold drink in return. 

Ajito, on the other hand, serves a variety of cocktails along with delicious treats like Japanese fried chicken, smoked tuna tataki and Japanese poutine

The restaurant is currently in its soft opening phase.

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