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KD dijon ketchup once dreamed up by the Barenaked Ladies is now a reality

Back in 1992, Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies mused about "the fanciest dijon ketchups" to pair with all the Kraft Dinner they'd eat if they had a million dollars.

Though Kraft Dinner has long been a staple in Canada — as well as a Canuck moniker for macaroni and cheese in general — the "dijon ketchup" to pour overtop of it has yet to become a thing.

That is, until now.

Yes, the manufacturer of what may be Canada's favourite quick-and-easy meal has now created dijon ketchup that it says has been "years in the making."

But, it's only releasing a very limited supply of 15 portions to only the biggest KD fans, who can enter a contest to receive a free bottle of the bougie condiment.

The online giveaway runs until February 29, and is open to adult residents living anywhere in Canada but Quebec. Prospective dijon ketchup connoisseurs need only reply to one of the brand's social media posts about the new product with a 300-character reason why they deserve to have it more than anyone else does.

Simple enough, right? The hardest part will ostensibly be the decision of whether to indulge in the once-in-a-lifetime ketchup, or keep it on the shelf as an artifact — because it may be worth a million dollars someday.

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