tim hortons secret menu

Tim Hortons might have a secret menu and this is where to find it

Canadian franchise Tim Hortons apparently has a secret menu; at least, according to a TikTok account that's uploading videos about food and beverage hacks you can try.

The account β€” called TimsTok β€” has uploaded 23 videos about the Canadian coffee giant.

The galaxy drink is the most-liked video on the channel, clocking in at 201.6k likes, and it's easy to see why β€” the psychedelic purple drink is so Insta-worthy it's ridiculous.

You can make it by combining a vanilla creamy chill, sprinkles, and doughnut glaze.

That being said, most Tim Hortons employees don't have an extra 20 minutes to make the drink for you, so maybe hold off unless you have a very understanding friend that works there.

Fortunately, other items on the secret menu are easier to make.

You can also order a chicken quesadilla, apple pie drink, firecracker lemonade, maple iced capp, and chocolate milk iced capp.

Alternatively, you can always make up your own drink and call it a secret menu item.

The TikTok account does not seem to be officially associated with Tim Hortons.

No word yet on who runs the account, or whether they're an employee at the coffee franchise.

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