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Taco Bell Canada denies contributing to Donald Trump's campaign

Taco Bell Canada is denying contributing to President Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016 after the company came under fire last week on social media.

On Monday, Taco Bell Canada responded to an article from popular Canadian women's magazine Chatelaine, which listed 16 U.S. companies operating in Canada that have supported Trump's campaign in the past.

The article cites a hefty donation made by TACO PAC — the company's political action committee — in 2016, as well as Taco Bell's long history of supporting Republican causes.

"Taco Bell Canada does not make donations to political campaigns and has no involvement with or control over donations made by franchisees," the company said in a Tweet.

And it isn't just Taco Bell that's taking some heat; multiple companies operating in Canada have come under fire recently for supporting Trump, including Snapchat, Soulcycle, Molson Coors, Pizza Hut and Wendy's.

In the case of Pizza Hut, Wendy's and Taco Bell, the allegations are linked to Muy! Companies CEO James Bodenstedt, whose company owns hundreds of the restaurant franchises across the United States.

Bodenstedt has donated multiple hefty sums to the U.S. President since 2018, per Business Insider, sparking fury on social media from Americans and Canadians alike.

Like Taco Bell Canada, Wendy's has similarly clapped back against allegations.

In response to a Tweet claiming that Wendy's financially supported Trump's campaign, one person wrote, "No they didn't. It was a franchise owner not the actual corporate. Get educated."

Wendy's supported the denial, writing, "Coming in hot with the facts."

Despite Taco Bell Canada's denial of the allegations, many Canadians remain unimpressed by the company.

"That's great!" one person wrote in response to the denial. "However your American counterpart does. And even went as far as creating a Political Action Commitee (PAC). And @tacobell is still profiting off my money and promotion of the business. Maybe it's time to stand up to them and do the right thing."

"'Taco Bell Canada' might not donate but your parent company does," another one wrote. "I will no longer be supporting Taco Bell. And your cut and paste reply is pretty tiresome."

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