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People in Canada are desperate to know when Cinnabon stores are reopening

Perhaps the biggest question on many people's minds is: when are Cinnabon stores in Canada reopening?

The American cinnamon bun chain known for their super soft signature buns has had their stores closed since the pandemic shutdown in March.

Mostly operating out of malls and shopping areas, the stores have not reopened their locations where they bake the buns fresh on the spot and smother them with tremendous amounts of icing.

The popular treats have been available for delivery this whole time in packages of six large buns and fifteen mini buns, plus things like popcorn and a cinnamon swirl cheesecake.

But for those of us that like a single, occasional treat to satisfy our sweet tooth, Cinnabon is a destination bake shop.

Cinnabon has been unable to offer takeout and curbside pickup in Canada, even as more malls have begun to reopen around the country.

This has led many to openly wonder when they will reopen for regular service.

The company has been steadily replying to inquiries on social media, saying that they plan to reopen their bakeries within the coming weeks.

A note on at least one Toronto mall's website notes that its Cinnabon plans to reopen sometime this month.

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