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Popeyes Chicken gives $10K gift card to Family Feud Canada contestant

The Family Feud Canada contestant whose painfully wrong answer went viral last week is now reaping the rewards of her flub. 

Eve Dubois made the entire country laugh when she confidently responded "Chicken" after host Gerry Dee asked her and her opponent to "Name Popeye's favourite food."

Dubois even shimmied with confidence before she quickly realized she'd made a mistake and misunderstood the question — thinking Dee was referring to the fast food chain Popeyes Chicken instead of the old cartoon. 

Dubois lost the game when her opponent correctly guessed "Spinach" following her mistake, but now she's being rewarded in a different yet delicious way. 

To thank Dubois for giving the company some unexpected (yet presumably welcomed) PR, Popeyes announced their decision to award her with a $10,000 gift card. 

Social media users have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts about the company's announcement, and they range from jealous, to impressed to slightly disgusted. 

"'Thank you for your wrong answer / free advertising, here's some heart disease for you!' #EatSpinach," one of the more negative responses reads. 

Meanwhile, others are wondering how they can get the same chicken-for-life setup. 

And some are even saying Popeyes should feature Dubois in any upcoming commercials. 

Mostly Canadians seem glad that despite Dubois' wrong answer costing her a chance to win $10,000 cash, she'll probably never run out of the chicken she clearly loves so much. 

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Popeyes Chicken gives $10K gift card to Family Feud Canada contestant