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Timbits cereal is officially hitting grocery store shelves this year

Canada's breakfast options just got a lot more Tim Hortons-centric thanks to a new Timbit cereal, which is officially launching across Canada early this year.

The beloved Canadian coffee chain and Post Foods Canada announced today that the new cereal will be hitting the shelves of major grocery stores across the country very soon.

News of the cereal surfaced back in October when a photo of the cereal boxes started making rounds on social media. 

Post Foods Canada confirmed in a press release that two flavours of Timbit Cereal will be manufactured for Canadian consumers. The flavours are based on Tim Hortons top selling Timbits, Chocolate Glazed and Birthday Cake.Post Food Canada

Timbits cereal is expected to hit Canadian grocery store shelves "very soon," according to Post Foods. Photo via Post Foods Canada.

According to Post Foods Canada, the cereal is crispy and crunchy, unlike actual Timbits. The cereal box itself looks like a hybrid between a regular box of cereal and pack of Timbits.

"We're excited to be launching one of Canada's favourite snacks in cereal form so Canadians can enjoy two of our delicious Timbits® flavours in a whole new way," said Samuel Heath, Head of Retail, Tim Hortons.

Post Foods Canada is the manufacturer of favourite cereal brands like Shreddies, Honeycomb, Sugar Crisp, Alpha-Bits, Shredded Wheat, Great Grains, and Honey Bunches of Oats. Hopefully this track record allows the Timbit cereal to live up to the hype.

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