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Winnipeg bakery has been selling out of doughnuts ever since Trudeau visit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's visit to a local Winnipeg bakery last week may have led to some harsh online criticism, but it seems the doughnut shop has been selling out almost daily ever since. 

Trudeau dropped in to Winnipeg's Oh Doughnuts earlier this week to stock up on treats before cabinet meetings. 

The PM left with several boxes of doughnuts and posted the whole thing online, after which social media users quickly began attacking him for buying from a more expensive shop instead of settling for Tim Hortons. 

Following the wave of criticism, Oh Doughnuts posted a lengthy thread on their Twitter account explaining all the reasons why it was a good choice for Trudeau to shop local. 

And clearly the thread had an effect, because the shop has sold out of their entire stock of doughnuts several times since the incident. 

"We are speechless folks! We have just a small amount of doughnuts left at both shops, and are just the most grateful for all the support that is still streaming in!" they wrote on Instagram yesterday. 

"Your kind words when you stop in, your emails, your social media comments and dms, and your calls. We’ll be back at both shops tomorrow with even more doughnuts and smiles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

And that wasn't the first time. Oh Doughnuts posted a similar sold-out message on their Instagram the day before as well. 

"We are so very grateful to all the folks that have come out to support us the last couple of days!" they wrote. 

"We’re all out of doughnuts for today, thanks so much!! We’ll be back with more doughnuts at both shops tomorrow at 7am (and the Dunkaroo doughnut returns tomorrow!).😘"

And before that message, one of the shop's owners, Amanda, posted a message of her own. 

"Hi! I’ve been very busy fielding media requests and responding to lovely and supportive emails and messages from so many folks across Canada," she wrote.

"I’ll try to get to as many as I can, but I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and kind words," she continued.

"I hope that folks not in Winnipeg will visit their locally owned independent doughnut shops and pick up a couple doughnuts if they can. I know they would appreciate it. Thanks a million!"

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