kraft quarantine cookbook

Kraft Canada just shared a quarantine cookbook and it's more than mac n' cheese

Kraft Canada may be best known across the country for its beloved mac n' cheese — which it's been ramping up production of during the pandemic — but the food giant has just released a free online cookbook with some of its favourite meals beyond elbow macaroni in fluorescent orange sauce.

The Kraft Dinner manufacturer's Essential Quarantine Cookbook contains 20 recipes for old-school Canadian favourites that are easy to make at home with basic pantry staples, and are thus easy on home chefs' wallets during this time of economic unsurety.

For each download of the cookbook, the company will donate one of its products to Food Banks Canada to help the increasing number of Canadians who are beginning to suffer from food insecurity as a result of the pandemic.

The book's recipes include some that are particularly fun and kid-friendly, some that are pantry and/or freezer friendly, some that are budget-friendly and some that are super quick and easy to make if you, for whatever reason, have any pressing obligations other than finding ways to kill time these days.

Though there is macaroni and cheese among its digital pages — albeit a slightly more gourmet version than the boxed kind, made with Velveeta — there are also things like a lasagna and a pasta bake, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, a twist on the quintessential shepherd's pie, and the popular self-isolation delicacy, banana bread.

These simple, hearty recipes may not be remarkably flashy or innovative, but they will probably be easier to tackle than sourdough bread from scratch and can certainly be considered quarantine classics.

It's likely, though, that none of these dishes will go with the brand's dijon ketchup as well as good ol' KD from the shelf does.

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