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Tim Hortons finally adds almond milk to its menu

Almond milk and skim milk are finally available at Tim Hortons across Canada and dairy-free coffee drinkers are rejoicing.

It was announced that almond milk would become an option at the low-cost coffee chain back in February, and it should now be available along with skim milk at almost all locations (soon, if not right now).

Many people are saying "finally" adding almond milk to the menu is a "game-changer," saying they're "pleasantly surprised," "happy" and "very stoked."

People have been begging Tim Hortons to put milk alternatives on their menu.

Many were disappointed when what they saw as gimmicky Beyond Meat burgers and breakfast sandwiches were tested out before offering a dairy alternative.

Putting almond milk in your coffee at Tim Hortons comes with an additional charge for select beverages.

People with almond allergies and other concerns are still hoping for a greater expansion of options, however.

Others are hoping that this might inspire more chains to offer dairy-free alternatives. Skim, two percent, soy, almond and coconut milk are all available at Starbucks. Second Cup offers two percent, skim, soy and almond milk.

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