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Photos of shelves fully stocked at supermarkets in Canada are the good news we need right now

With the COVID-19 situation only seeming more and more dreadful by the day, photos of fully stocked shelves at supermarkets across the country are a welcome sight for sore eyes.

News of people panic-buying and huge lineups around the country spawned a slew of reports that stores were running low on essentials and food

The food chain has maintained itself in the wake of stockpiling shoppers, however, and the relief of seeing a fully-stocked shelf is comparable to a beautiful sunset or a moving painting.

Just yesterday, Loblaws responded to concerns of low supplies by asserting that the company was doing everything to help Canadians in these trying times.

"First and foremost. Do not worry. We are not running out of food or essential supplies," said Executive Chairman Galen Weston while noting that supply chains had already begun to normalize.

He said that besides hand sanitizer, food and most essential household items were being prioritized for restock and many were already back on the shelves.

Over the past week, many Canadian supermarkets have also created special shopping hours for the elderly and vulnerable people to shop without crowds.

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